Specialties Group at-a-glance

Emerald Specialties is now a part of DyStar. We bring color and performance with a range of additives for food and beverage, personal care and industrial applications such as coatings, graphic arts, and fiber treatments.

For over a century, we have been one of the most versatile color manufacturers in the world, and have many decades of experience developing and manufacturing foam control solutions and other additives.

These products are manufactured at 3 locations – one focused on colorants, one dedicated to food defoamers, and another focused on industrial defoamers, specialty silicones, and other resins and specialty additives.

Product Line

High Quality Products feature FD&C and D&C certified dyes and lakes, dispersions, industrial defoamers, food defoamers, specialty waxes,  repellents and glyoxal-based resins.

HSE Matters

Promoting Best Practices in our Industry. As a supplier of many products falling under FDA regulations, product stewardship is a critical part of what we do. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact, working to ensure compliance with all HS&E regulatory policies and requirements, and maintaining active liaisons with local, state and other emergency response and regulatory agencies.

Conferences and Expos

We participate in many industry events. Visit us at the IFT 2017, where more than 23,000 professionals and food science and technology experts from across the food and beverage industry connect to discover the latest trends and innovations. Las Vegas, NV—June 25–28.

Technology & Developments

We are always seeking ways to do things better - bringing value to our customers with new performance products, enhancing key quality features of existing products, and develop products that comply with anticipated regulatory changes.  

Quality and Certifications

Quality and certifications of our products and processes are an extension of Product Stewardship. All our operations are certified to either ISO-9001, FPA (Cincinnati) and/or SQF 2000 (Cheyenne). Our products for food & beverage undergo additional certifications, such as Kosher, Passover and Halal certification. Each batch of our certified food colors are tested and approved by an FDA lab before they are shipped to you.


Our mission is to leverage our brand as we work to maximize all segments and drive growth by being a flexible, nimble organization that can meet the immediate and short-term needs as well as making investments to position the company to address the longer term direction of the industries we serve.